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Rapley Consulting Engineers is a passionate advocate for the inclusion of our most vulnerable community members, and for a more diverse construction industry, which provides opportunities for all.   

Touched by Olivia Foundation - Luke's Place

Sean & Rita Rapley were the Community Drivers for Luke’s Place, the Illawarra’s first inclusive play space, after seeing John & Justine Perkins inspirational story.

With the assistance of a wonderful community, including the Webb Family, Luke’s Place opened on March 28, 2014, having raised over $200 000 for the project.  

St George Foundation was one of the first donors, with contributions from many organisations and community members.  


Blue Rose Project

The Blue Rose Project, by Beyond Empathy, is a project that explores the world of our non-verbal community members, which Luke Rapley is a part of.   It enables the wonderful world which Luke and his friends are a part of, to be shared with the wider community.  

See Luke play at Luke's Place

See Luke Surfing at Gerroa

Inclusive Education

Inclusion can only be achieved with an inclusive education system at its foundation.  With discrimination remaining common place in our schools, Sean continues to advocate for better outcomes for our most vulnerable students.  

Unfortunately, students with a disability don't always get a choice of schools

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