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  • Sean Rapley

Using Collaborative Tools for Success on Construction Projects

Today, the tools available to improve communication, set goals, and plan projects have never been more powerful and effective. We are at a time, where cloud computing, emerging artificial intelligence, and tremendous investment in technology is rapidly changing how we serve our clients, and deliver projects.

One example of where cloud computing is changing the way we work is Atlassian's Trello platform, a platform that enables design and construction teams to better colaborate, communicate, plan, and achieve project goals.

Trello Sample Design Project Board from a Recent Rapley Consulting Project

Trello allows project & job managers to create project specific teams. Within each team, boards can be created for specific stages and tasks of the project. Tasks, communication, and programming is controlled on each board, and interestingly, many of the tasks can be automated. For example, when engineering/architectural design is completed, the task is automatically added to the Modelling / drafting "to do" list, and deadlines may also be automated.

Construction Management is another area where Trello is being increasingly used to manage sub-contractors and consultant workflows in our industry.

At Rapley Consulting Engineers, we believe that utilising platforms like Trello, will enable us to improve our co-ordination, and quality, and we use it on all our multi-disciplinary projects to ensure everyone on our teams is connected, informed, and collaborating in the one place.

Do you have experience using Trello on your projects? Please get in touch and let us know your opinions, as we are keen to share our experiences, and learn from our industry colleagues.

Trello account ID: @seanrapley1

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