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Rapley Consulting Engineers is a Mechanical Engineering & Energy Consultancy Firm with over 25 years of industry experience 

About Our Engineering Firm

Rapley Consulting Engineers was founded in 2019 to provide our valued clients the combination of experience, commitment, and integrity in helping to deliver great outcomes.


Experience - Sean has experience in HVAC design and Energy Consulting that is had to find, with over 25 years of industry experience.  Sean will be working on your projects. No juniors or outsourced help will be working on your projects.  

Commitment - Rapley Consulting Engineers is a family business, first and foremost.  The success of the firm is directly linked to the success of your business, which is why you will not find a more committed partner.   

Integrity - Delivering on our promise, and impartial advice.  


Our experience will reduce your risks, our commitment will ensure we deliver for you, and our integrity will give you the answers you need.


Want to know more?

We offer a wide variety of engineering services across industries.

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