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  • Sean Rapley

Changes to NCC 2019, Section J - What you need to know in NSW...

NCC 2019 introduces the most significant changes with respect energy efficiency in many years.

Here are some of the tips that architects and designers need to know:

Tip #1 - Glazing calculations have been simplified in NCC 2019, however, they are more onerous than NCC 2016. For example, for Sydney projects, the maximum window to wall ratio, based on clear glazing, is approximately 15% on all orientations. Whereas, NCC 2016 allows a window to wall ratio, based on clear glazing, on the South facade of up to 42%.

Tip #2 - Window / wall system U-value has been simplified, with an overall window/wall system maximum allowable U-value. This, together with reduced minimum overall wall R-values results in generally less onerous insulation requirements under NCC 2019.

Tip #3 - Dark coloured roofs are not permitted. Roof colours with a solar absorptivity great than 0.4 are not permitted under NCC 2019.

Tip #4 - Don't panic! There is a 12 month phase in period. NCC 2019, Section will only become mandatory beyond May 2020. However, if your project is Pre-DA, you will need to consider the likelihood of your project achieving Construction Certificate prior to May 2020. Consult your BCA consultant regarding your approach.

If you require any advice or assistance in relation to the upcoming changes to the NCC, we would be pleased to be of assistance to you.

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