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October 14, 2021.

Rapley Consulting Engineers Donates Critical Personal Protective Equipment to Wollongong Hospital

Rapley Consulting Engineers is proud to announce the donation of $15 000 towards the supply of eight Cleanspace HALO, Powered Air Purifying Respirators (PAPR) to Wollongong Hospital. Compared to N95 masks, HALO respirators are positively pressurised, providing better protection for healthcare staff, are re-usable, are more comfortable to use, and reduce user fatigue.

Nicole Sheppard, General Manager, Northern Illawarra Hospital Group said:

“We are incredibly thankful to have businesses and community members like Rapley Consulting Engineers who are keen to support local health services during one of our most challenging times. This donation of additional specialty masks for Wollongong Hospital will further enhance our capacity to protect both our staff and our patients from the transmission of infectious diseases during this pandemic and beyond. This is a terrific example of how community generosity supports the best healthcare for everybody across the District.”

Managing Director, Sean Rapley, said the recent Delta outbreak underlines how critical our healthcare staff to our local communities:

“Over the coming months, our healthcare workers will face enormous demands to keep many in our community alive and well. Healthcare workers need the best protection available, and access to equipment to help them continue their critical work at the highest level. It is our hope this contribution will help the Wollongong Hospital staff to continue providing world class care, whilst keeping them, and their families safe.”

For further information, please contact Sean Rapley on (0410) 554 547. About Rapley Consulting Engineers: Rapley Consulting Engineers was founded in 2019 to provide our valued clients the combination of experience, commitment, and integrity; to deliver great building services engineering outcomes. Our experience will reduce your risks, our commitment will ensure we deliver for you, and our integrity will give you the answers you need.

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