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Quarterly Update - September 2019

Six months into our journey, and we have been working hard to deliver on our promise to provide unmatched experience, the commitment of a business owner, and integrity in our endeavours.

Our Current Projects

Over our second quarter, we have completed commercial and education sector projects, including 62 Pitt Street. You can see a case study of 62 Pitt Street here.

New Clients


Over the past quarter, we are thrilled to be working with Western Sydney University.

Western Sydney University, Building K7 Fitout The project needed a rapid design turnaround, and required the existing services to be reconfigured within a very tight budget. We put forward a few options, including budget estimates, operational implications, and risks to enable WSU to make a quick decision and enable us to turn

around the design within a week.

Our Business

Rapley Consulting Engineers is located at, Suite 1, Ground Floor, Enterprise 1, Innovation Campus, Squires Way, North Wollongong. You can call us on (02) 4258 3462.

It is a great place to work, with gym facilities, cafes, and not to mention the beach close by.

Our Community

Over the past three months, we have been reflecting on what really motivates us and inspires us. We are grateful of the educational opportunities we have received, which led to our careers and success, but unfortunately, many of our most vulnerable students do not have the same educational opportunities.

This week, it was reported that students with a disability are being suspended at 3 times the rates of the average student population. We are keen to develop a scholarship for leaders in Inclusive Education to help them address the discrimination that is sadly endemic in our education system. We will be working hard over the next 12 months to develop this idea, in consultation with education sector leaders, and disability advocates. Let us know what you think about this idea here.

Please Keep in Touch

We are keen to keep in touch with you, and the easiest way to do this is to follow us here.

So, our bright beginning continues. We will always be at the beginning, be it a new project, a new client, or a new opportunity, and we will always bring the energy and enthusiasm to your project as though it is day one.

Yours sincerely,

Sean Rapley

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